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Buying and Selling of Lands And Properties

We will help you find your dream house in just a few seconds. We offer our clients a wealth of knowledge regarding all aspects of purchasing or selling a home

Survey Services

We make to determine both man-made and natural features, positions of points, the distances and angles between property lands boundaries accurately


We make sure all the various legal instruments or documents that are used to establish, transfer, and convey land or ownership rights in Nigeria are intact.

Consulting services

We provide market studies, investment analysis, portfolio valuations, and more—all of which can provide valuable insight before you take the financial plunge into real estate.

Land And Property development

Worried about the use-value? we got you covered because we specialize in improving the use-value or worth of lands and properties.

Interior Decoration Services

We make sure to select the appropriate color schemes, flooring materials, furniture, artwork, and accessories to transforms residential homes or commercial business areas into a work of art.

Property Inspection

Scheduling An Appointment

Would you like to sell your property!? Contact us today for property inspection and valuation

Grand Openning

Step into a world of luxury and tranquility as Elite Park and Garden Estate proudly opens its gates to welcome you to a lifetime of unparalleled living experiences. Join us for our grand opening celebration!

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